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Pick & Pack Shipping

What is it and what are the benefits?


Using a 3PL for pick & pack shipping

Pick & pack shipping is the process by which goods are accepted and stored as a single large consignment, then separated, packaged and shipped on your behalf at the demand of your customers. It is a crucial part of any supply chain but also the part that can be the most taxing and costly. Because of this, and the uprise of e-commerce and online shopping, a growing number of businesses are opting to use a 3PL provider for their pick & pack shipping requirements.


Your stock securely stored, managed & dispatched

Our warehouse provides a clean and secure environment for you to store and manage stock, without any effort or investment into setting up your own warehouse facility. We provide full access for you to manage your own inventory, or this can be done on your behalf, ensuring you always have the correct stock levels to meet the demands of your customers. Using us to manage your stock means our staff are on hand to fulfil pick & pack shipping orders at a moments notice. This can really help boost your company’s credibility and reputation, through the reliability of your service.

Only pay for the resources you use

Only paying for the resources you need, means more income straight to the bottom line. It provides the ability to upscale or downscale your operation as required. This is ideal for seasonal or one-off products, or those needing to expand their operation rapidly. Our vehicles are always readied for immediate response, meaning your consignment could be on its way within minutes of receiving an order. We have established relationships with all the major forwarders, enabling you fast track access to a global audience and some of the worlds largest supply chain networks.


Hi-Speed do it all

Hi-Speed Services have been serving the public, providing affordable storage and distribution services, for over 30 years. During this time we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience, available to all that use our any of our services. We are a UK based company but operate on a Global scale. If you have a question about our pick and pack service, or indeed any of our services, we’d be only too pleased to talk to you and offer our best advice.

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