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The Environment – A Green Courier Service

As a family run business, the environment is at the core of our company values. We are totally committed to being a green courier service, ensuring that the environment remains intact for future generations to thrive. This is reflected in the steps we take each year to improve our environmentally friendly credentials.

The Environment

Our Green Credentials

C0₂ and the Environment

We are committed to lowering our carbon footprint and providing a green courier service. By investing in new vehicles that utilise the latest in technology, we are constantly reducing the amount of fuel we use per vehicle year on year. This alone means that our fleet emits less carbon and other potentially harmful bi-products. Outside of our vehicles, our fleet is managed using a comprehensive, state of the art vehicle management tool. This tool enables us to promote safer and greener driving through our entire operation. In addition to this, we also use the AdBlue fuel additive. AdBlue considerably reduces the level of emissions emitted from all of our engines. More specifically, heavily reducing the harmful Nitrous Oxides (NOx) that can be found in all vehicle emissions.

If you would like to know more about our green credentials and how we could help your company reduce yours, please get in touch. We’d be more than happy to arrange a meeting at our Southern or Midlands offices. Or if you would prefer to give us a call, we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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